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Friday, June 28, 2013

The seventy shillings went to pay for the penguins.

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Friday on Saturday.  Perhaps Monday on Monday is a faint possibility...

The Comic Genesis server still won't let me upload anything.  People who ask me why I don't just use Comic Genesis as my main site should note that this is why.

Don't forget that this is still going on, though the window is narrowing:

Okay, welcome to the first West of Bathurst contest of the summer.  Here are the rules:

1)  In the comic posted on Friday, June 21st, Barbara blurts out, "The mouse came back to life because Marie was--", then shuts herself up.  She now seems to be having more luck keeping her secret, whatever it is.  However, those of you who are frustrated at all the non-information should note that Barbara will complete the sentence soon.  Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to complete the sentence yourself.  You should do this by posting in the comments section.  Those who guess correctly will be awarded one point (phrasing doesn't have to be exact, but the gist has to echo what Barbara actually says).  I'll also award one point to the answer I deem the most creative.

2)  Here's the catch:  the sentence will be completed (or the general idea of what Barbara would have said if she hadn't stopped herself will be revealed, at any rate) at some point over the course of the next two weeks.  This could happen in the very next comic, or it could happen five comics from now.  And...you get only one try.  If you submit your try now, you won't risk missing the floating deadline, but it's possible you'll miss further clues.  Or maybe you won't.  Who knows?  Torture is fun.

3)  So...submit your answers to the comments section.  Repetition is permissible (i.e., if you think someone who has already submitted is correct, you may steal the answer); it is therefore possible for more than one person to "win."  There will be a contest every week (yes, even if this first one hasn't ended by Monday, I'll post another one then).  At the end of the summer, the points will be tallied, and the person with the most of them will eventually win a signed copy of the as-yet-nonexistent WoB collection.

Go to it, everyone.  May the odds be ever in your favour.

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