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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jane Austen died on July 18, 1817.  Casey's only 196 years off.

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Another Great WoB Extravaganza has begun.  This is Tuesday's comic, not Monday's, so click on "Previous" for the first comic in our final July 18th plot.  The Monday comic's also got the winners of Summer Contest #2 under it, plus the rules for Summer Contest #3 (the latter of which I've left below as well).

Incidentally, Toronto just had a bizarre flash flood yesterday due to two storm systems duking it out directly above the city.  I hope everyone's managed to stay safe and not, just for instance, get trapped on the top level of a GO train for seven hours or so.

Summer Contest #3:

This will be another guess-what's-coming contest.  At some point in the course of this coming week, at least one character who has previously appeared in the comic (but is not a regular) will appear again.  (I should clarify that stipulation:  characters who used to be regulars but aren't any more still count as "regulars" for the purposes of this contest.  Let's say that anyone who has ever appeared on the character sheet will not be reappearing this week.  The character sheet is, of course, a few years out of date, and it includes one-off characters as well as regulars, but excluding it in its entirety narrows the field a bit.)  There may be more than one such character; there may be just one.  Guess which character it is.  You get only one try, but you may mention up to three characters.  The more you get right (remember that there may be only one), the more points you get.  You may repeat other entrants' guesses.  There will be no creativity point this week, just because it's difficult to be creative when simply naming previous characters (it's possible to be obscure, but creative?  *Looks sideways at Erwaro, who is likely about to attempt to prove me wrong*).  If any characters you want to mention are nameless, describe them as best you can.  Links are acceptable too.

Have at it, valiant knights.

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