West of Bathurst, by Kari Maaren
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

West of Bathurst 1301
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    Okay...we have some more winners.  Yesterday, people who guess "the Fates" got their points.  Today, further points go to those who guessed "Basil."  Those people are:  Nobilis, Fan, Preethi, Laura, Erwaro, and Lumair.  A lot of people guessed "Basil."  Please let me know if I've inadvertently skipped over your name.

    So far, Preethi, Laura, and Lumair have earned two points each in Summer Contest #3, and Erwaro has points from #1 and #3.  However, Nobilis was already up two points and now has a third.  Can Nobilis be stopped?  Only time will tell.  Also, welcome to the board, Fan, with your first point.

    Saturday, July 13, 2013
    Panel 1: Casey is sitting on Marie's futon in his pyjamas, looking bewildered. Someone knocks on the apartment door.

    Panel 2: Casey opens the door and finds a very beardy Basil in the hallway.

    Basil: Hey.

    Casey: ...Basil? Why are you...?

    Panel 3:

    Basil: You called me.

    Casey: I did?

    Basil: Uh, yeah. You don't look so good.

    Panel 4:

    Casey: The penguins won't stop crying.

    Basil [ushers him into the apartment]: Okay, let's get you sorted out.

    Alt-Text: Basil is in competition with Weird Beard and Steve for Beardiest, Hairiest WoB Male Character.  I think he may be winning.

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