West of Bathurst, by Kari Maaren
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Monday, July 15, 2013

West of Bathurst 1303
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    I see to be on a get-everything-but-the-last-panel-finished-before-exhaustion-sets-in schedule at the moment.  At any rate, here's the Monday comic on Monday, so it's all good.

    Here's the thing:  I shut Mercenary Pen down when he tried to guess that Master D. Ramsay would return.  Then I decided that Master Ramsay would return anyway.  So I'm going to give Mercenary Pen the point on this one.

    Summer Contest #3 is still running, but it's also time for Summer Contest #4.  Since the comic is all sort of dark and full of PTSD at the moment, let's make it a silly contest.  Please explain how you think WoB is going to end...IN LIMERICK FORM.  That's right:  only entries that are also limericks will be accepted.  Points will be awarded at my discretion.  I'm thinking a point for creativity, a point for logic, and a point for perfection of the limerick form itself (and believe me, I am very picky about this sort of thing, so it's possible this last point will not be awarded at all).  Go to it, my poppets.  Make beautiful limericks for me.

    Monday, July 15, 2013
    Panel 1: Marie and Evil Marie are in a cave; Marie is holding a candle. They have just been talking to the Fates (probably).

    Marie: But--

    Evil Marie: Don't bother; they're gone.

    Panel 2:

    Marie: Hallucination...right.

    Evil Marie: I think I see--

    Panel 3: Master Ramsay from Davies College goes whooshing by. His words all run together, but let's separate them here for readability.

    Master Ramsay: Hello there Marie isn't this a nice cave I see there are two of you well got to run I hope you're enjoying this highly symbolic experience..

    Panel 4:

    Evil Marie [finishing her thought]: --a light over there.

    Marie: Is it a highly symbolic light? Oh, do let's go find it!


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