West of Bathurst, by Kari Maaren
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

West of Bathurst 1312
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  • West of Bathurst, 7th anniversary


    Well, here we are:  West of Bathurst is seven years old today.  I'm sorry the comic is a bit late; it was finished on time, but I couldn't stay awake to finish the anniversary panel.

    This will, alas, be the final anniversary comic.  This makes me sad.  Everything connected with WoB makes me sad right now.  It doesn't help that Marie is currently reliving the saddest day of her life.  I've had a lot of fun making this comic, and it hurts to know that soon I won't be drawing these characters any more.  That's the problem with comics.  You get attached to the characters you're creating because you have to write a little bit about them every day.

    Thank you for sticking around this long.  We still have a bit more to get through, but things are definitely winding down.  It is possible that some questions will even be answered, though I can't promise that all the answers will be definitive.  What's the fun of definitive answers?  Maddening frustration is the way to go.

    I would also like to draw your attention to the first entry in Summer Contest #5.  You can find Laura's panel here.  I have also posted it on the Fan Stuff page (scroll down to the bottom) and will display any subsequent entries there as well.  Nicely done, Laura.  Laura would also like everyone to know that this is the piece Barbara is playing on her ukulele.  I consider that quite fitting, really.

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013
    Panel 1: Marie, in the form of her younger self, is in her family's hall closet, struggling to breathe.

    Marie [thinks]: Smoke. That sound...can't breathe...

    Panel 2: Marie begins to cry as she searches for a way out.

    Marie [thinks]: This happened. I was trapped, and then...this is the bit I remember wrong.

    Panel 3: She pushes back some coats and finds a tiny door in the back of the closet.

    Marie [thinks]: No. It's not right. There can't be a door in the back of the closet!

    Panel 4: Marie crawls through the tiny door.

    Marie [thinks]: I can't be crawling through it! I can't be escaping the fire! I can't be reliving this ten years after the fact! Denial is fun!

    Alt-Text: Marie likes the word "can't" so much that she'll be using it in the 7th-anniversary panel as well.

    Special 7th-Anniversary Panel: Marie sits on a couch with Kari, the cartoonist.

    Marie: I can't believe you're killing the comic after only seven years.

    Kari: What...you like being manipulated and emotionally tormented by someone who may be Satan?

    Alt-Text: I am referring, of course, to myself.

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