West of Bathurst, by Kari Maaren
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Monday, August 12, 2013

West of Bathurst 1331

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And here we have it, folks:   Monday's comic is going up before bedtime.  The winner of Summer Contest #7, with three points, is therefore Tuxgeo, the only one of you who picked "7."  Admittedly, I was trying for 7; there was no guarantee I would achieve it, but I was certainly motivated to aim for it.

Let's see...what should our next contest be?

Summer Contest #8

Casey seems set to reveal something this week...or does he?  What will his revelation be?  Points will be awarded as follows:

1)  If you get it right, you'll earn three points.

2)  The answer that strikes me as the most diabolically ingenious, even if it turns out to be inaccurate, will earn two points.

3)  If you cop out and guess that Casey will squirm out of revealing anything yet again, and you turn out to be correct, you'll earn one point.

Am I playing mind games with you?  Yes...yes, I am.

Answers must be in before the revelation happens...if it does.  This may or may not give you much time.


I would also like to mention, as a sort of mini-Rant (the Rants are on hiatus at the moment because the comics are taking up so much time), that the death of my Wacom tablet (this is not what most people now think of as a tablet; it's one of these), which I use to edit comics, forced me to replace it today.  Well...it wasn't entirely dead, but it was dying and thus quite difficult to use.  I had to decide between getting another Bamboo--the cheapest type of Wacom tablet--and upgrading to an Intuos.  I went for the Intuos, and so far, I like it.  I feel disloyal to my poor Bamboo, but the Intuos is just more responsive.  In the process of getting it, I also discovered yet another Toronto mall complex.  Toronto seems to have an awful lot of mall complexes.  I passed two on the way to this one, and I knew there was at least one more a short bike ride away.

Monday, August 12, 2013
Panel 1: In the Davies College basement nook, Marie is sitting on the couch with Casey, who has his head in his hands.

Marie: Talk.

Panel 2: Casey looks up.

Marie [crying]: Talk, damn you.

Casey: I...

Panel 3:

Casey: I don't really remember what you want me to. I think I did, but...it's been pretty bad for a while now. Everything's in a jumble, and some of it may not be real.

Panel 4:

Casey: Especially the bits with the badgers.

Marie: Naturally.


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