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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Then there was the time we opened the Hellmouth in the library, and Willow had to do this spell--no, wait, that was an episode of _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_.

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Hi, guys.  I know this is very, very late, and I apologise.  My goal is to catch up by this weekend (as I'm back to a thrice-a-week schedule...theoretically, at least).  This has been a crazy, busy, energy-draining week from hell.  Also, classes start again tomorrow (technically today, but I don't teach on Tuesdays this term).  By next Monday, I hope to be back on track.

The results of Summer Contest #10, as well as the results of the whole string of contests together, will be posted whenever I get Monday's comic up.  With luck, that will happen either very late tonight or tomorrow evening (likely tomorrow evening).  I teach for six hours on Wednesdays, so there won't be all that much time to work on the comic during the day, even with the introductory classes being short ones.

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