West of Bathurst, by Kari Maaren
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Monday, September 2, 2013

West of Bathurst 1352

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Okay...still behind, obviously, but here, at long last, is Monday's comic.  We're back around to the start of term again, so let's walk through the gate.

The beginning of school has marked the end of the series of summer contests.  Summer Contest #10 asked people to go on a Great Badger Hunt and find all the badgers mentioned in WoB.  It was a rather cruel contest, but several of you undertook it.

Here are all the badgers you (collectively) found:

 http://www.westofbathurst.com/westofbathurst061006.html (also in alt-text)


http://www.westofbathurst.com/westofbathurst080112.html (also in alt-text)

http://www.westofbathurst.com/westofbathurst100215.html (alt-text)



http://www.westofbathurst.com/westofbathurst130816.html (also in alt-text)

http://www.westofbathurst.com/westofbathurst130829.html (alt-text)

You were awarded one point per badger.  Only one of you got the full eight points.  The results are:

8 points:  cs24

7 points:  Laura, Nobilis

6 points:  Erwaro

4 points:  Tuxgeo

When the points from all ten contests are added together, Erwaro comes out on top with  19 points; Nobilis follows with 18.  They are so close, and some of the contests were so subjective, that I shall be generous and award both Erwaro and Nobilis free WoB collections, which are easy to give away because they don't exist yet.  Laura, who came in third, will get something.  Someday.  I think.  Right now, I'm too tired to figure all this out.

Thanks for participating, everybody.  It was a lot of fun, and you produced some great stuff.  Badger badger badger.

Summer Contest Points:  The Final Results

Dances With Fish4
Mercenary Pen2

Monday, September 2, 2013
Panel 1: A young white man with glasses walks up to the Davies College front gates. He is loaded down with luggage.

Panel 2: He collects his room key from the porter.

Panel 3: Marie wanders up behind him as he is pounced on by another young white man.

Enthusiastic Man: Hi! Welcome to Davies! Here's your orientation package! You need to get involved in the scavenger hunt right away! If you don't, terrible things will happen!

Panel 4: The enthusiastic man rushes away. Marie smirks.

Marie [thinks]: Plus ça change...

New Man: I take it we're on Mars.

Alt-Text: What can I say?  I'm just a little too fond of plot circles.

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