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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The pranks involving Sasquatches are always the most complicated.

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(I'm sorry for the tardiness of this comic.  Friday and Saturday evening events combined with a huge pile of marking to make my weekend kind of crazy.  I hope to have Monday's comic up by Tuesday.)

This is another Talent Auction comic:  my last, in fact.  The Junior Fellow featured in the comic is Ryan Doherty, who won this cameo in the auction held two and a half years ago.  The reason he hasn't appeared until now is that Ryan takes a really, really long time to get back to you when you request he send you a photograph and some pertinent facts about himself.  He did finally get me the stuff a few months ago, around the same time that Ruedi contacted me regarding his comic.  I've waited a while on both of them because the summer was sort of taken up with Marie's whole underworld journey sort of thing.  Ruedi observed that he wouldn't fit very well into that (in fact, I believe he expressed some apprehension that he would end up playing Hades), and I agreed.  Now that things are...sort of...back to normal, I can at last discharge my obligations and make fun of these upstanding gentlemen.

And yes, Ryan is a self-described prankster.  I would like to see him do something with ferrets.

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