West of Bathurst, by Kari Maaren

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Monday, October 7, 2013

This is my reaction to stressful situations as well.  I think it's because I'm so very introverted.  At least the bathroom stall doesn't have anyone but me in it.

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As I predicted, the comic is late.  However, it could have been much later.  So there's that.

I went to Ottawa, and I actually won a Prix Aurora Award for Fan Filk.  West of Bathurst didn't win in the Graphic Novel category, but then, I didn't expect it to.  (This is the kind of thing you're not allowed to say before awards are handed out lest everyone accuse you of being a pessimist.)  I am happy to tell you that the award went to Alina Pete's Weregeek, of which I am particularly aware because it tends to appear just above West of Bathurst in lists.  It's also been around for just about as long as West of Bathurst (minus a few months).  Coincidentally enough, Pete published this comic on Friday.  So if you're wondering what the heck is up with this whole filk thing, there's now an award-winning comic that will explain it to you.

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