West of Bathurst
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

West of Bathurst 1452

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Wednesday on the next Thursday.  Sorry for yet more delay.  I had to screen The Empire Strikes Back for two friends who had never seen it.  I hope you can understand how urgent that was.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Panel 1: Marie and Barbara are walking down a Davies College corridor.

Barbara: Are you almost ready to--

Marie: No!

Panel 2: Marie grasps Barbara by the arms.

I can't leave! I love this place! I don't have friends in Lethbridge! There won't be any bricks!

Panel 3: Two Junior Fellows, a woman and a man, run by. The man is waving a tiny flag.

Man [loudly]: Sara has killed the Master!

Woman [loudly]: Ring the dinner bell of torment!

Panel 4: Marie is crying.

Marie: Nothing like that will ever happen to me again!

Barbara: That is sad.

Alt-Text: I have the sneaking feeling that Marie may also be speaking for me right now.  And no, I totally didn't do that on purpose.  I'm just realising it as I'm writing this alt text.

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