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Monday, February 3, 2014

Seldom has a truer word been spoken.

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Monday on the next Tuesday.

Thus we come to the last seven WoB strips ever.  I shall be spending this week quite, quite upset.  Endings make me sad, and this has been an ending seven and a half years in the making.  I may be a little attached to the characters by this point.

My plan is to finish by next Sunday or Monday, though my other obligations may make it necessary for me to fiddle with the schedule a bit.  The strip won't end before Sunday; I'll be aiming to post the final Sunday strip on a Sunday, whether or not that actually works out.  This means that there may be at least one day this week (besides today, I mean) on which two comics are posted instead of one (likely with many hours between postings).  Keep an eye out for the possible double-comic day(s).

After the comic ends, I'm planning to take a two-week break before starting the new strip.  Information about it will be posted on the WoB Talk blog and on Facebook.  I'm not ready to reveal much about it yet, but I can say the following:

1)  It will be called It Never Rains.

2)  The protagonist will be Rose, Barbara Mickel's eldest niece.

3)  Barbara will not be a major character in the comic, but she will appear from time to time.  She's Barbara; she goes where she likes.

4)  The story will take place in a universe continuous with the WoB universe, but it is just possible that when strange things happen in this story, they will be rather less maddeningly ambiguous than they are in WoB.

5)  At the moment, I'm planning for this to be a MWF comic, with no larger-format weekend strip except on special occasions.  While I like the big strips, they take an inordinate amount of time to create.  However, I'm also currently planning for INR to be a colour comic.  I go back and forth on this one, as I do actually quite enjoy working with black and white, but I think it may be time to make the move to colour.

I don't want to reveal anything about the plot yet because...well, you know me.  If I gave things away too soon, you would have no reason to want to throttle me.

Oh, and one more thing:

I am planning a WoB print collection.  I know I've said this before, but I'm quite determined to get this done.  It will be enormous and, unfortunately, rather expensive, and there will probably be a Kickstarter at some point, and I'm going to manage this or die in the attempt.  I'm currently waiting to hear back from a graphic designer who will help me figure out the best way to go about the project.

I'll be posting this information on the blog as well.  Thanks for your support, everyone.

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