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Monday, February 1, 2010

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I hereby acknowledge that Massey's Winter Ball is, in fact, based on an Alice theme this year.

One of my friends is working on the problem (thank you, friend). Meanwhile, another pair of friends has gone and bought me as a belated birthday present. I used to have no domains; now I have two! The .ca site is run by a different company and does allow redirecting more easily than the .com site, so friends #3 and 4 have already set that up. If you type into your browser, you will! It's very exciting.

Thanks a whole bunch, friends #1 and 2 and friends #3 and 4 (I would name them, but I fear they may be shy. Luckily, they know who they are). As I keep saying, you're all awesome.

In other news, the old site is up again. The problem is that I can't edit it because though the site itself is right there on the Internet, the folder that should be housing it has disappeared into thin air and is not accessible via FTP. This isn't just my usual Computer Stupidity; this is a weird, weird problem that is baffling yet another friend (in his capacity as semi-unofficial Massey computer guy). He's going to try to deal with it this week. In the meantime, the old site is just sitting there, unchanged. It never ends.

UPDATE: Alas, the address of this page has changed YET AGAIN, no doubt confusing the hell out of everybody, because the site has been reorganised to facilitate forwarding (thanks, House). Luckily, there is a redirect at the old location (thanks again, House). In addition, both and now work. I'm hoping that will make everything much, much less confusing and cumbersome.

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